• Bringing a sales expert - What are the benefits

Bringing in a sales expert: what are the benefits?

When it comes to hiring in expert talent to advise, train or adapt a company, businesses are understandably dubious. People can be nervous about investing in the unknown and sometimes senior leaders feel that investing in a consultant somehow indicates their own inadequacy and may find the expertise of a consultant somewhat threatening. Whatever the doubts of ‘buying in talent’, it is important to consider the extremely positive benefits a sales consultant could bring to your company:

Fresh eyes to new roads

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve got’

You know your business inside and out. You’ve been a large part of its story for a long time and have seen it grow and change many times over the years. You are surrounded by its culture and the people that make the place what it is today. You know exactly ‘how we do things round here’ and where the business is heading. This is all well and good… but have you considered that the way you do things may not be the best way? It may not be the most efficient or even the most up to date. Having someone enter the business who has seen many different companies over the years can often highlight areas of your culture and methods that aren’t very effective or are no longer best practice. Perhaps these are things that you haven’t noticed, because you’re just too close to the business. Fresh eyes from an experienced consultant can spot these issues relatively quickly and perhaps save your company a lot of time and money.

Knowledge download

Sales consultants have oodles of experience, not just from their own respective careers in sales (In which they became sales experts) but also from the companies that they have provided support to since becoming a consultant. That’s a lot of time spent in different working environments, developing an understanding of what works and what does not. They have worked in many different industries and have created strategies to take different businesses to the next level or get them out of a slump. A short time with a consultant gives you opportunity to plug in and download this information into your own brain! A speedy method to gain lots of industry insight and learn some tricks of the trade that have worked for other companies and now can work for yours.

Tried and tested

These people know their stuff! They have developed techniques and skills that have been proven successful. They come with a full toolbox of tried and tested templates, procedures and methodology that they can use to move your business forward and achieve your overall sales goals. This provides you with a shortcut to some great tools that you can adopt in your own operations and when you compare the cost of hiring in an expert to the revenue gained from their assignment, it often proves to be a very worthwhile investment.

Entrepreneurial by nature

Paid experts are entrepreneurs too; they know what it’s like to take a risk and go at it alone and try to make a success of their business. They too have built a client base, sourced leads and converted sales for their own brand. They have the entrepreneurial mindset that may be just what your business needs to shake things up.

A lasting impression

As well as completing specific projects or developing a successful sales strategy, sales consultants can also spend time training your team to make them more efficient or give them key skills that they can use to grow your business. They can pass on their experience and knowledge to your colleagues at all levels, which means that even when they have left the company, the benefits of their presence is still felt within your team. Also, it’s not true what they say about most people hating change, for many people in the business, change is exciting! So having someone come in and shake things up a little will leave a buzz in the air and get people motivated to win.

Flexible approach

One of the biggest benefits of sales consultants is that they are agile workers. Meaning that you can source the right consultant for your business and leverage their particular skills just for the time you need them. Maybe you only need them to help with a new brand launch with some expert lead generation or maybe you are experiencing a sales slump and need to shake things up a little with some sales training. You can hire them in and when the task is finished and you have the results you want, you can say your goodbyes. Simple.

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