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We’re extremely proud of the sales success we’ve helped our clients achieve – and that they’re equally thrilled with the results. Read their testimonials to learn about what you can expect from a partnership with Sales Plus Profit. Please contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help deliver the same results for you.

“Sales Plus Profit built our B2B sales function from scratch and within 18 months we had secured listings with nearly all of the key accounts and wholesalers in the UK with a rebranded retail offering and supporting marketing drive. We have a focussed and well supported sales team now, recruited and structured by the Sales Plus Profit team, and enjoyed 66% growth in sales for the financial year ended 2017. They have also helped in many other parts of our business, which was an unexpected but welcome bonus. The whole company enjoys working with the team. Thank you Sales Plus Profit!”

Rannesh Jansari, Founder, Fushi Wellbeing Ltd

“The output from the Strategic Sales Review and Plan and the input from the Sales Plus Profit team were very focused and incisive. This gave us a clear idea of the actions we needed to take in order to optimise our sales methodology and management and to adapt to changing market conditions. We now have an extremely robust and actionable plan and a sales team with KPIs which are focused not just on inputs but on real commercial outputs and sustained sales growth.”

David Cole, Chief Executive, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions

“The chief benefits of working with Sales Plus Profit have been the opportunity to get an experienced independent view of our skill-sets, processes and market approach, and a bespoke programme working alongside us to take us to the next level.

As a Chairman, CEO or manager we are often far too close to our own business and people. A clear unbiased external view and gauging our performance against best practice have been invaluable. Sales Plus Profit were fearless yet appropriate in their support and challenge to get us to where we wanted to be.”

Shane O’Neill, Chairman, Elgin

“It has been a pleasure working with Sales Plus Profit.  They had the ability to very quickly get the measure of us, and evaluate where improvements could be made within the Sales Department, and then provide us with practical guidance and sound advice on where to focus our efforts, for the biggest returns.”

Louise Tapia, CEO, Take 1 Transcription

“It became clear very early that Sales Plus Profit were able to address so many of the challenges that our previous Sales Director was simply unable to deal with. Their experience and willingness to immerse themselves into understanding our business has been very impressive.”

Rupert Lee-Browne, CEO, Caxton FX

“Its been great – after a period of minimal growth we are now forecasting 40% growth this year and even more going into next year. Thanks to Sales Plus Profit we have also won a £300k account from a competitor by exploiting our competitive advantages.”

Chris Wahlers, Director, Unigloves Ltd

“Since engaging with Sales Plus Profit we now have complete clarity and structure around our sales department – the impact has been significant. The investment we have made in their support and Associate team has already paid for itself through increased revenue and profit.”

Martin Lulham, CEO, M-Tech Systems Ltd

“Sales Plus Profit handled the whole exercise with great care and a slow integration with the sales staff. This produced tangible results as our consultants grew in confidence with the detailed sales training and all benefited from the 12 month experience.”

Graham Simpson, Founder, Simpson Travel

“Sales Plus Profit has provided us an absolute breath of fresh air for our sales approach. They are able to demonstrate how much we need to do to improve our sales process, while at the same time making sure the changes are bite sized, actionable and adding real value from the very first meeting.”

Thomas Jeffs, CEO, Lucidia

“Sales Plus Profit have been great to work with, particularly when we needed an external perspective of our sales department and our salespeople. Their ability to ‘get stuck in’ was impressive – as too was their ‘no nonsense approach’ to getting the job done.”

Alison Cork, Founder, Alison at Home Ltd


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