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Put simply – We Fix Sales Problems

Many companies will go through a phase where their future potential exceeds their present abilities. If your business has the potential and appetite for serious growth but lacks the sales resources or sales structure it needs, we can help.

Who We Help

We work with business leaders, sales leaders and investors by helping them increase their sales and profits. Our associate sales directors have experience in a wide-range of industries, including:

    • IT and Technology
    • Media and Publishing
    • Financial Services
    • Resourcing and Recruiting
    • Wholesale and Distribution
    • Travel and Leisure
    • Environmental and Sustainability
    • Events and Exhibitions
    • Manufacturing & Construction
    • Retail
    • Logistics
    • Healthcare

We bridge the gap for companies with sales challenges and/or ambitious growth goals that lack the sales engine (structure) to reach and overcome them. If you need a full-time sales director but currently lack the resources to appoint someone permanent, we can provide the leadership and know-how you need to cross the divide.

Sales Plus Profit is the leading provider of agile sales leaders, both in the UK and Australia. We provide ongoing sales support and consulting for growing companies who do not yet need, or have the resources to employ, a full-time, permanent sales director, but who could seriously benefit from their leadership and vision.

Why it makes sense

    • Another leader in the business whose sole focus on profitable revenue
    • Your own dedicated sales leader with access to our wider community
    • Our people are free of politics, free of the past and free of baggage
    • No car, no employment costs, no NIC, no pension and no severance costs
    • Does your business need a full-time strategic sales head?
    • We will help hire and on board full-time replacement when you need them


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