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Agile Expertise, Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Your business needs expert leadership at every stage of its growth, but at crucial moments even the best Managing Directors and sales leaders need additional support.

Whether your success depends on developing a cohesive mission, a new sense of direction, or a change in the roles and responsibilities of key staff, our agile associate sales directors can help you turn sales challenges into fruitful opportunities. If you can relate to any of the pain points explored below, put an end to your suffering, and contact us today – we can help.

Are you losing faith in your sales department?

Are your sales leaders so concerned with public opinion about their leadership that they forget that their primary responsibilities are to fuel sales growth? Have you lost confidence in their leadership abilities or their drive to succeed? If you’re worried that your sales department lacks the drive, direction, skills or process to continue growing sales, the last thing you should do is wait around in the hope that situation will improve on its own (spoiler alert: it won’t).

The associate sales directors at Sales Plus Profit have experience resolving the performance issues that challenge you. Outdated sales tactics, lack of drive, strategies of hope, and delusions about the future – we’ve seen it all. We can help your sales team recover their mojo.

Is the weight of the world – or at least your business – on your shoulders?

Do you feel like you are the only one that holds your business together? Between devising and implementing big-picture strategy, serving as primary decision-maker, and managing relationships with vendors and clients, you need help empowering your sales team to reach their full potential.

Sound familiar? Learn how you can enjoy greater flexibility to focus on the priorities that matter most to you.

Is sales strategy a necessary evil for you?

Would you much rather focus on developing the technical or financial side of the business than talk sales? Your expertise in streamlining operational functionality and your insight into what it takes to stay ahead of the technology game are huge assets for your company’s direction and momentum. You need someone who can interpret your technical creativity and translate it into a profitable and sustainable sales machine.

Familiar struggles? Learn how your passion and technical expertise can be translated into stronger sales.

Are you ready to hand over the reins?

You’ve built a successful enterprise, but now you find your eye wandering to the exit door. Is it time to transition to new leadership so you can sell or exit the company? If you’re unsure how to keep sales strong while stepping down from your current role (or finding someone to fill it), our agile interim sales leaders can bridge the gap – simply and seamlessly – until the timing is perfect for you to begin your next great venture.

Chances are you haven’t had too much experience exiting or selling a business and you’re feeling overwhelmed at the very idea. Wouldn’t it be helpful to leverage the insight of someone who’s been in your shoes? Let us introduce you to a sales leader with exiting experience who can walk you through the tricky steps.

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