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We work with Sales Directors and Sales Managers

If only it was just about sales…

At Sales Plus Profit we are acutely aware of the challenges that beset those in sales leadership positions. Every member of our team has done the job themselves. Although we are often engaged by the Managing Director, it’s the Sales Director we work with.

If you’re anything like our typical client you walk a tightrope managing your team, your biggest clients and prospects, your MD and the rest of the senior stakeholders. Often you have personal sale targets alongside the responsibility for the team number. But unfortunately, sales leadership is not just about doing business, in fact sometimes it feels like it’s about anything but sales!

Pipeline, What Pipeline? (or There’s Pipeline and there’s “Pipeline”)

Running sales is a challenging role and your time is rarely your own. Although we spend our business lives encouraging prospects to make decisions based on a timeline that suits us, they rarely do. While we all want the whole thing to run like a well-oiled machine, there are times when it looks a lot like the wheels are coming off. Furthermore, we are, ultimately all judged on our numbers and so deal related activity tends to get your attention ahead of anything else. And what about that pipeline? Where did it go? Increasingly we are seeing our sales leaders taking responsibility for generating leads as well as closing them. As the disciplines of sales and marketing converge we can help you manage the transition.

The Tools of the trade

At SPP we acknowledge these challenges and we work with sales leaders in a way that suits them, filling in the gaps. We have a structured approach to analysing the needs of a business. But, our methodology isn’t just about consulting, strategic thinking and reports. We have the tools you need to help you not only hit your number but to hire and on-board your staff, to train and motivate the team. We can help develop the systems and introduce the processes that underpin the best sales teams. We have the templates for sales plans, training plans, job specs, interview checklists, training courses, meeting agendas, performance reviews, commission structures, lead sheets – the list goes on (and on!). We can get in and get out leaving you to take the team to the next level.

A Good Time, not a long Time

At Sales Plus Profit we’re not interested in taking your job (every member of our team has either held a National/International Sales Director role or already exited their own business).

What we do know, all too well, is the demands placed on a modern-day Sales Director/VP of Sales and the need for focussed energy.  This is exactly where we can add the most value to you by increasing Senior Sales capability and capacity within the business to ensure those tasks and objectives get done and not shifted onto next month or the month after.

Don’t be worried about losing face – we’re all human and every business we encounter wants to improve and wants to do well by its people.  Put simply – we’re not driven by ego (otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing).

We’re here to work alongside you in whatever capacity (and whatever job title) is needed to help you focus on your primary driver – profitable revenue growth.

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