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Sales Management

If you’ve followed us this far, you’ve seen the central importance of a strong vision, the right people, and a clear and effective sales process. The fourth and final core component in the Sales Plus Profit framework highlights the importance of effective management – the ability to monitor and continually improve operations.


Expert Leadership, Agile Support

Associate Sales Directors provide the high-quality leadership and exceptional management skills you need to help grow your business – and they provide it without the long-term investment and commitment of a new permanent hire. You get another General to unite and motivate the troops, and your leadership gains a fresh perspective with keen insights and relevant prior experience.

Is your sales management team doing enough to support and fuel your continued growth? The short video below outlines the main questions to ask yourself when evaluating your operations. If you recognise an area where your performance could be improved, contact us to learn more about what our agile sales leaders can do for you.


Oversight, Insight, and Increasing Momentum

Sales Plus Profit Associate Sales Directors add value to several key areas of your operations:

    • Improved performance monitoring – sales metrics and sales-based KPIs.
    • Restarting the flow of the ‘sales pipeline’.
    • Comprehensive sales performance and development reviews.
    • Analysis of customer profitability and product margins.
    • Reporting to shareholders, executive board, etc.
    • Developing platforms for upselling and cross-selling.
    • Proliferating routes to market.
    • Adding ‘Big Deal Gravitas’ to close more sales.