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Sales People

What Makes a Team Work?

Business and sport have their similarities. In rugby, they say, “forwards win games, backs decide by how much.” There’s a great insight there; at its core, group progress isn’t just about working together, it’s about each member striving to do the best they can do, in their role, to advance the collective project.

Whether in sports or business, you need to cultivate the same attitude in your team. Sure, having a few superstars is great for performance numbers – but wouldn’t you rather have everyone aspiring to be at the top of the pack? Our Associate Sales Directors focus on motivating and equipping your entire team of salespeople – not just the high performers.

What would it look like to have a full army of star performers? In the video below you will see the transformation you can expect from a partnership with Sales Plus Profit.


More Than Motivation

Building the strongest team is also about identifying and training the best people for the job, so they can hit the ground running. Sales Plus Profit’s Associate Sales Directors can assist you with all areas of staff and sales development, including:

    • Interviewing current sales staff and inventorying skill sets.
    • Mapping capabilities, strengths and potential.
    • Assessing and reviewing team mechanics and structure.
    • Training and mentoring (for both individuals and teams).
    • Acquiring new talent, interviewing, and recruiting.
    • Developing incentives, commission and compensation structures and bonus plans.

With experience recruiting thousands of sales people, our Associate Sales Directors know what to look for – and, more importantly, what to avoid – when recruiting new staff. Whether you’re looking to fill a specific role or fill your ranks, we can help you avoid costly recruitment mistakes and poor investments.

Many hands make light work – but only if everyone is pitching in. If there’s room for improvement in your team’s performance, contact us to learn how identifying the right people, and inspiring them with the right attitude can make all the difference.

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