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Sales Vision

We’ve got a riddle for you: what do almost all companies have, but most sales departments lack?

A clearly defined and well-articulated company vision is the lifeblood of any high-performing organisation. It outlines your targets, provides a sense of direction, and sketches out the steps that need to be taken and criteria that must be met for you to reach your goals (financial or otherwise).

This is probably not new to you.

But while most companies understand the importance of an overarching business vision, few take the time to provide the same organisational framework for their sales processes, specifically. The result? Potentially dynamic sales are unrealised, and staff underperform and under-deliver.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


 GPS for Your Business

A sales vision provides the same structure and inspiration to your sales team as a company vision outlines for your entire business – but it also goes one step further; your sales vision links the two (your overarching goals and your sales-specific targets). It doesn’t just provide an aerial view of the steps, it describes how your whole team is involved in getting you from Point A to Point B.

Why is that so important? This quick video below explains why every company needs a sales vision. (By the end, you’ll wonder how you managed without one).

To articulate your sales vision, our Associate Sales Directors consider:

    • Your sales targets – not just financial goals, but also the kinds of customers and orders you want to attract.
    • Potential “routes to market,” and how the business might need to adapt to leverage these.
    • Opportunities for strategic partnerships.
    • Ways to generate increased revenue and referrals from existing customers.
    • The experiences of your current customers and suppliers, and their feedback on product/service offerings and their value.

Our Associate Sales Directors incorporate your unique sales vision during each phase of our methodology. They have experience developing winning sales visions and strategies for their own companies, and for those of our clients. Contact us to leverage their insights and drive your sales to new heights.

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