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How we do it

What The Most Successful Businesses Understand

Experienced business owners know that there’s no simple recipe for success in any ventures. While the strategy may change, there are four vital priorities to which all companies must attend if they want to grow and expand.

When devising your business development strategy, ask yourself: are we focusing on the most important aspects of growth? Here are some key points to guide you:

sales strategy

To be successful, a business needs a clear, well-communicated sales vision.

This isn’t the same as your overarching organisational vision – a sales vision identifies potential ‘targets’, routes to market, opportunities for strategic partnership and other ways to leverage your assets and boost sales.

sales strategy

To be successful, a business needs a motivated and capable team of high-calibre individuals.

Attracting and recruiting high-performing salespeople adds value to your business. Sales Plus Profit can help you:

    • Learn from current sales staff
    • Identify key skill sets and capabilities
    • Build better team mechanics and structure
    • Provide training and mentorship; improve talent acquisition
    • Revise incentives, commissions and bonus plans
    • Highly-prized sales training plans
sales strategy

To be successful, a business requires a well-planned procedural framework and the structural support and flexibility to grow.

A clearly defined and communicated process makes all the difference for scaling your sales and the business. We can help streamline your sales process to deliver:

    • A better, more consistent customer experience
    • Prompt, timely responses to customer needs
    • Better engagement
    • Industry best-practice methodology
    • Repeatable processes
    • Best-practice for ease of onboarding/induction in the field
sales strategy

To be successful, a business needs to monitor its progress and adapt. You can’t improve if you don’t know what’s working.

You need strong leadership to help you move forward. Are your Managers providing the insight and inspiration your team needs to maintain and gain forward momentum?

We can improve the effectiveness of your leadership in these key areas:

    • Refining sales metrics and sales-based KPIs
    • Getting the ‘sales pipeline’ flowing
    • Improving performance and development reviews
    • Analysing customer profitability and product margins
    • Reporting to shareholders and/or executive board
    • Expanding platforms for upselling and cross-selling
    • Multiplying routes to market
    • Adding gravitas to close more sales
    • Clearer performance monitoring

How We Help You Get There

We understand that implementing a new sales strategy can be as daunting as devising it. That’s why our sales leaders don’t just show up, bark orders and then take off (like other consultants). They’re with you every step of the journey, from the initial assessment to final evaluation, continuously refining and adapting your sales strategy.

This dedication helps you to:

    • Attract quality clients with good profit margins
    • Generate a consistent flow of sales leads
    • Close more sales opportunities
    • Attract and nurture the best sales talent in your industry
    • Develop a comprehensive platform for sustainable growth
    • Grow as seasoned professionals and quality partners


The 5 Stages of Development

An effective and productive plan of action depends on a strong understanding of your starting point and goals. Here’s a quick look at how we typically build and design a blueprint for your business development:


sales strategy


The best business plan is one that grows with you. We can help you embrace the challenges that lead to new opportunities while breaking through the ones that block your progress.