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About US

In a Nutshell

Sales Plus Profit is the leading provider of agile, part-time Sales Directors, Sales Specialists and Growth Leaders across the United Kingdom and Australia. Our experienced Associate Sales Directors help ambitious and growing businesses reach their full potential. When sales HAVE to grow, we can make it happen.

Man On A Mission

A self-starter entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Matt Garman got into sales as a ‘commission only’ salesperson selling life insurance then he joined a small IT business in his early 20s. Seeing a tremendous opportunity, he re-mortgaged his house to buy the business, grew it, and eventually sold it a few years later. He repeated this process with another fast-growth tech business – joining its ranks, boosting sales and then selling it to a firm backed by private equity in 2012.

Sales Plus Profit grew out of Matt’s considerable experience running his own businesses and observing hundreds of owner-managed businesses. He noticed that regardless of industry sector, many businesses failed to reach their real potential for the same reasons: arrested growth and stalling sales – both of which could be addressed with the right leadership.

Sales Plus Profit was initially founded and begun with just Matt, then grew to include a select group of experienced and knowledgeable Sales Associates and partner firms across London and the South East, and now are closing in on complete Nationwide coverage as well as expansion into Australia.

Our Vision

Sales Plus Profit is passionate about selling more and selling better, and we want to help business owners foster that same culture of dedication and drive in their organisations. We strive to become the “go to” place for agile sales leadership, knowledge and skills in the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Our Mission

    • Provide our clients with access to top-tier talent with the knowledge, skills and abilities to generate significant sales results.
    • Develop a flexible framework to tailor-make sales solutions that will help clients sell more and sell better.
    • Lead by example – a hands-on, in-the-trenches approach.
    • Spread a contagious attitude of positivity, and promote a passionate work ethic.
    • Inspire – not mandate – organisational change.

Our Team

Drawing on sales acumen honed over years of experience at the top of their fields, our Associate Sales Directors employ Sales Plus Profit’s proven processes to provide sales support and/or help businesses reach their short- and long-term goals. Not only do our experts provide consulting insight, they roll up their sleeves and work with our clients to execute their new vision.

Our Community

Like hard work, learning never stops. That’s why our bespoke online learning portal enables our team of growth leaders to continually learn from one another, and share their insights and lessons. It supports our culture of collaboration, contribution and communication (the 3 Cs) and helps Associate Sales Directors stay connected even while they’re on independent assignments.

Hiring a Sales Plus Profit Associate Sales Director gives you much more than a consultant – you also get connected to a whole network of expertise, insight and collaborative learning. You work with the specific sales leader you need, and gain access to the extended Sales Plus Profit network and family in the process.

Our Clients

We work with businesses from a wide range of industries, including:

    • IT and Technology
    • Media and Publishing
    • Financial Services
    • Resourcing and Recruiting
    • Wholesale and Distribution
    • Travel and Leisure
    • Environmental and Sustainability
    • Events and Exhibitions
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Logistics

We look for Managing Directors and executive boards who are passionate about their companies and motivated by ambitious operational and sales goals. We want to work with clients who are anxious to roll up their sleeves and make real progress in their business.

Whilst we do provide interim placements to many of our clients, our primary focus is to work with organisations on an ongoing basis where we feel we can add significant value to their businesses during their ‘business journey.’ We want to be there to help grow the company every step of the way, and in many cases, right up to exit or trade sale.